Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trick or Treat

The Crew

Thomas the Train, Davis picked this costume himself...


A pumpkin patch or two, a trip to Hawaii for a great wedding , and just hanging out... sums up our Fall...

Hanging out

In the hay maze

Through the tunnel (again)

The Girls

Paying for Pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins with Dad

Making Brownies!
Molly becoming bridal!!!

The girls

Andy, Amy, Katie and Matt

The beautiful bride and her new husband!

Our table, a few drinks later...

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Its hard to believe that its halloween again! I found a few pictures of Davis from the past two Halloweens. His first Halloween he was just 6 weeks old...

2006 (not a great picture, but its the only one I could find with a pumpkin-a little trollish!)




2008 to come...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life in Idaho

Honolulu Hawaii: High 85 sunny.

Portland Oregon: High 64, Sunny.

Solvang California: High 72, Sunny

Last week at this time, Greg and I were in beautiful Hawaii for my friend Mollys wedding (more pictures to come.) On Sunday, I was laying on a beach in Hawaii, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the sun.

at the beach, swimming, and boogie boarding... what a rough day...

This week:

High 38, low 26, scattered snow showers!

Last Thursday I was driving to work (it was still dark out) and I saw what I thought were a lot of little bugs... no, it was snowing, just for about 10 minutes. Just a little bit. I was told that it was rare for snow this early.

Friday during the day, it snowed again, this time for about 2 hours, sticking to the ground. When it stopped snowing, the snow melted. Again, I am told this is rare.

I woke up this morning to 2-3 inches of snow on the ground and it was still snowing. It is now 3:30, the snow has stopped and is starting to melt. BUT, its suppose to snow again tonight up to 4 inches.... HELLO, ITS OCTOBER! IT DOESN'T SNOW IN OCTOBER! (I just looked out the window, and its starting to snow again.)

Only in Idaho!

At least Davis really liked the snow!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

And the Terrible 2's Begin...

Davis turned two on the 13th of September. My parents (Nani and Papa), my sister Allison, and Dave, Jayme and the girls helped us celebrate! It turned out to be a Thomas the Train Party!

My first attempt at decorating a cake. (at least it tasted good!)

Eating cake with the girls

more frosting... (His daycare gave him this hat the day before and he wore it ALL weekend!)

I don't think Davis really ate any cake. I think he just smeared the frosting on his face.

Posing in his new Thomas the Train Helmet... He actually wore this helmet around Target with the big plastic box around it, I felt like I had to buy it...

New Bike and Helmet (because he really needs a helmet... You know those trikes can be dangerous!)

Coming up into the playroom and seeing the train table for the first time.

Playing with the trains

Still playing... everyday!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why you don't put bubble bath in a jetted tub...

Every once in awhile we let Davis take a bath in the tub in the master bath. (it takes forever to fill up.) Davis asked is he could have bubbles... sure, I don't see why not...

There was a layer at least a foot thick, and spilling out of the tub!

Lost in Bubbles!

Playing in the water

After the bath I had to rinse him off and he wanted to take a shower! So he stayed in the shower for another 10 minutes! (he even asked to have the radio turned on-like dad). He usually hates the shower, and hates having water put on his head. Not this time. He even washed his own hair. Now if I could just get him to do his dishes...

Fair Part 4!

After many days at fair we come to the last day. I have been told this is quite a difficult day for those that have raised animals to show. On the last day there is an auction and the animals are sold. There a lot of tears from the kids. (its really sad to see a kid walking out of the barn in tears because thier pig just got sold.)

Katie in the ring showing her pig while its being bid on.

Katie with her sale tag.

Carly at the start of her turn in the auction ring. (nice sign)

Carly with her sale tag. ($3.40 a pound!- the highest they are able to sell it for!)

Fair Part 3

After all the kids have shown thier pigs, there is a fundraiser for next years Swine Group. Parents pay a small fee to compete against other adults in showing pigs. Greg, his dad and brother all entered for a little friendly family competition.
Greg showing Katies pig.

Greg was placed in 1st for his group, but then lost.
They only selected the top two for each group.

Chuck in action. (notice the wet spot on his shin. He got a little to close to the pig while it was relieving itself. I am told that this is common for pigs to do during showmanship, and it happens to a lot of people!-YUCK!)

Davis watching all the action.

Dave showing "eyebrows". He is wearing Gregs 4-H hat from the 80's. Greg dug it out of the garage before the competition. Greg used to be quite the pig shower (if there is such thing) and was in 4-H for 8 years!

At the fairgrounds they have a model train building that is actually there year round. We spent a good hour+ there.

Davis loved this model set and watched for a long time.

This is the new model that the train people are working on. It is huge. This is only half! It has 3-4 trains that travel on different tracks, through tunnels, and over bridges. I have a feeling we'll be back to visit the trains soon.

After the trains we went to see the "neigh-neighs" as Davis refers to them. We went into the draft horse barn. Those horses were HUGE! Greg is 6' 2" and they towered over him. Believe it or not, this one (above) was not one of the huge ones!

Davis wouldn't pet the horse, but wanted to be right next to it!