Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Davis and I went to Roaring Springs water park in Boise with his cousins and some of thier friends. They have a great kiddie area with a playground in the middle of the pool. These are a few of the pictures of Davis going down the water slides with his cousins (in the kiddie area).

The yellow slide in the middle was the only one Davis could go down. He loved it and probably went down 50 times that day!

Going down with cousin Carly

Splashing into the pool.

Going down with cousin Katelyn

Enjoying every minute of it!

Splashing into the pool at the end (again)...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just Like Dad

Greg plays in a mens softball league here in Twin. After one game Greg took Davis onto the field to teach him to run the bases.

Taking a break, and then straight to ...

Third... (who needs second base anyway)



Making Brownies with cousin Katelyn.

Still stirring.

The best part!

Bed Time With Dad

Watching Thomas the Train with dad.

Summer Fun

Enjoying a push-pop at a birthday party.

We just let him run through the sprinkler after this....who needs a bath tub!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Davis is enamored with "papa." He only wanted to do things with papa during our entire visit. (I don't think my dad minded at all.) Davis would literally wake up saying "papa, papa" and run around looking for him first thing everyday and only wanted papa to read stories at night.

Out to dinner at O'Conners


Story time before bed. Again, only papa could read to him...

Westlake Park

My dad and I took Davis to Westlake Park in Lake Oswego. We met Alyssa, Kylie and Cara Pizzuti there.
So proud that he could go down the slide all by himself.

Still proud after the 100th time down the slide by himself...

First time on a tire swing...

Hanging out with Kylie in the tunnel.

First Haircut

I know earlier I said that Davis desperately needed a haircut. When he insisted that I put a ponytail holder in his hair one morning, I knew it was time. We went to this place called Kiddie Castle Cuts! What a great place. Davis didn't want to leave when he was done.

This is why I made the appointment... He wanted the ponytail holder in his hair!

One last picture. I loved his curly hair, but it was time...

Driving the race car

Playing with the hundreds of animals they have

Goodbye rat-tail

His new do. He looks so much older now

This is the reason we couldn't leave. They had a HUGE train set/table with all the Thomas trains AND the table made noises!

Portland Zoo

During our visit to Portland we went to the zoo. (on possibly the hottest day during our visit, at the hottest time of day...)
Feeding the penguins

Sizing up the bears...

On the train with Grandma and Aunt Allie

Looking at the bears with Papa

How Times Have Changed

During our recent trip to Portland Davis and I got to see a bunch of my old high school friends (and some I have known since I was a baby!) It was fun going back to Jens house. I used to go there for daycare (30 years ago.) Now to see Davis there (about the same age I was when I started) was crazy!

Catching up on old times...

Davis and Kylie playing in the water.

Jacob Fruth... What a Cutie!

Kylie and Greta

The Johnson girls...Greta and Calla

Olivia Jordan - future star!

Molly looking like a pro... with the help of Cara

The best group shot of the kids we could get!

All of us... (L to R) Sandie and Olivia Jordan, Dani Webb with Kylie Pizzuti, Alyssa and Cara Pizzuti, Davis and I, Jen and Jake Fruth, Sarah and Calla Johnson, and Molly Newcomb with Greta Johnson! Wow how times have changed!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Visit to the Dairy

Davis and I finally got out to the dairy yesterday! I haven't been there since 2000. They now have over 2000 cows. Uncle David and cousins Katie and Carly showed Davis and I around.

One of the many pens of cows during feeding time. This is about half way down the "pen" and there are feeding gates running down both sides of the road.

Davis was a little unsure of all the cows at first so Greg had to carry him.

Davis got to ride in the feeding truck with Greg and Uncle Dave. He kept pointing to all the cows and mooing. (I know- no seat belt...the truck only goes 5 mph between the rows of cows.)

After Dave was done feeding we all went to the nursery where all the baby cows were. This brown cow is just a few hours old! Once they are checked, they are placed in these holding pens until they are returned to their mothers.

This baby cow was also just a few hours old. He still had the wobbly legs like you see on the nature shows.

Razor Shortage

Greg has decided to live like a true Idahoan...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

San Clemente CA

Just before we left for Idaho, we went down to spend a weekend with my grandparents, Davis' great-grandparents. We had a great time. Greg and Papa got in 9 holes of golf, and my grandma, Davis and I had a nice day at the pier. Davis warmed up really quickly and loved all the attention.
Davis and Papa sharing crackers.

Breakfast the first morning with great-grandpa

Watching the surfers with Great-Grandma.

Somebody wanted to walk all by themselves! Mr. Independent

Breakfast the second morning with Great-Grandma